Nagoya... My 2nd home.

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I'm calling Nagoya my 2nd home now. I bought more fabric from Nagoya. Couldn't resist the cute little prints. 2 blankie on the way for Ian and Elise. Another headache to choose pints for them.

Also did a cloth diaper on a nice Sunday.

And also 2 booster case.


Snap Plier and Diys

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My snap plier has oredi arrived finally. This is how it looks like.

Tested on my diy cd

Below is a blanket which I sell to my colleagues. I'm taking order for the blankie too. Anyone interested, please leave down in comment.

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What I had for lunch today was this

While my colleague took this

and this

We had over lunch at Papa John today ad Jaya Jusco Bukit Tinggi. My food was sort of ok (maybe due to my hungriness). But my colleagues commented theirs suck. No need to mention on the super duper bad bad service given. This will be our 1st and our last time.


A Gift from a colleague

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Received a gift from my colleague on Monday. But I forgot to bring it home. Today I put it near to my handbag so that I won't forget again. So I finally get to bring it home. It's actually sort of Lego type of puzzle toy.

The big Guy doing the cantuming... (Bmglish)

Finally ... A doggy out of it.

Ermmm... And I thought it's suppose to be a gift for Eugene. Anyway, big thanx to Shirley Yap. Ian love it very much.


Colleague Chatting...

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A chat between a few colleagues with me.

Ida : Jom kita buat pot lark nak? Seorang bawa satu barang. I buat Nasi himpit.
Salwah : Saya nak buat rendang, annie apa u nak buat.
Annie : Eeeeeh, saya.... Maggie Mee boleh?
Salwah & Ida : !@#$%^&*() Kepala hotak hang. Buatlah makanan yang ok.
Annie : Oii.... Kalau time lapar, takde benda lain nak makan... Maggie Mee yang tak sedap pun jadik sedap tau.
Salwah : Alah, tak nak... something else.
Annie : Em... Spaghetti???
Salwah : Lagi??
Annie : Lagi paling pandai is masak air lah!
Salwah & Ida : )(*&^%$#@! Budak nie nak kena penampar nie.

Wakaka... The End.


More Flannel

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I'm now into fabric crazy... Bought a few print just now after sending the GBW Panda away to the new owner.

These are the prints.

Did some cloth wipe for sale. Try to earn some little business over my interest.


Time to say goodbye

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Selling my (Elise) cloth diapers for the 1st time. Bought it coz I love the prints but the fitting is small for Elise. The diapers always leave a reddish mark on Elise thighs. GBW Panda on the way to the new owner. GBW Lime... still waiting for payment and of it go tto the new owner later.

Kids nowadays are more lucky then us last time. But there are still games which they play are the same as our time. A free game.

I missed this game so much. Being in the box.

Since Ian will start school on next Monday, he need a nice hair cut. Andy was also complaining on his hair getting long oredi, MIL too complaining Elise hair is long and me myself complaining my hair is long. Wakaka! To make story short, we left Eugene with my MIL and 4 of us went to cut our hair short.

We started of with Elise 1st. She moves alot so she needs to sit on my lap for her hair cut while Daddy happy looking.

Next it's Ian's turn. He is now more discipline when getting his hair cut. He used to tilt his head one side when getting his hair cut. Bravo Ian...

Now it's daddy turn 1st then mummy will be the last one and longest cut. Ian keep on asking why it take so long to cut ur hair. Hehe...

Some photos after hair cut.

Later in the night we went to Fun Fair and again we left Eugene with my MIL.

I didn't take photo of Ian and me on the Merry go Round coz I'm afraid of height. Manage to snap Elise with daddy n a night scene from the top of the merry go round. I remember asking when the thing will stop as I'm feeling scared. Ian turns out to be HERO and hug me say no need to feel scared, Ian's here. Aiyoh, I now realised how my son grew up to be a little young man.

Ian playing games at the fun fair for the 1st time.

Ian, it's time to go home. School starts tomoro.


A day Off for Myself

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Today I took emergency leave, it's time to clear leave before the end year. Don't wanna struggle to clear leave. But funniest part was I still went to work as usual. Why? Cos other than boss and colleagues no one else know I was on leave not even Andy and my MIL. At 9am, I accompanied my colleague Ida (she was on leave too) to send her sister, Adira (those who follow AF8 in Astro will know who is she) to KL Sentral.

Some photo session in the car. Alamak, din see the one behind.

Tada... Adira in sleeping mode.

Reaching KL Sentral, we went to have our brunch at Secret Recipe. Tengah ordering, the waitress sempat ask... Eh, Adira ke? We balas with senyuman. Must jaga reputation, beb.

Some photo session before makan.

Some of our ordering. Ehh... Sorry Adira, no sup tulang at Secret Recipe ye :P

While Adira having her press conference session, we went to Berjaya Time Square. It's been so long after my last traveling with Monorail. And the only thing I get from Time Square was a dress.

We then headed to Mid Valley to fetch Adira when she called informing that she's at Mid Valley. While we seated at a corner in McDonald waiting for Adira (She was standing at the front of Mc Dee), I felt so funny when I see some fans of Adira going like...eeh Adiralah... & some even walk pass her for let say more than twice. They can actually request for a little photo session, tak penat ke jalan? Ok it's oredi time to go home, fetch the kids, cook rice, bla bla bla...


Beg Organiser

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I love using big handbags as I can put a lot of things. But to big beg user, do u all face any problem when u need something... u actually need to dig through the whole beg? Me... especially when my handphone rings, I'll tends to dig left and right to see where it is hidden. I sometimes need to pour out my belongings from the beg to get what I was looking for. So, I did a beg organiser for myself. This is not a new thing, to buy one is not cheap so I rather make use of my XL 2630 and fabric. This is how it looks like. Those interested, I'm selling it at RM15.

When I need to change hand beg, I'll just need to take the whole organiser to the new hand beg instead of transferring my stuffs item per item.

This is very easy to make. I'll make another two for Ian as pencil case and colour pencil case. At least when the colour pencils slip from the hand it will not scattered on the floor.


Long lunch on a Friday.

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Today's lunch hour is from 12:50pm to 2:30pm. Colleagues suggested to go Jusco Bukit Tinggi to have our lunch. We then decided to eat steamboat at Bonston.

The menu looks yummy...

No cold drinks for me. :(

My set lunch finally here. It's a lamb set lunch.

Sudah habis makan ke belum? Time oredi, go back to work!


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