Today I took leave since mil need to do the ghost festival prayers. A relax day for me? No not really. I need to take care of Eugene and Elise. Ian needs to go to school. To spend some of my free time when Elise and Eugene sleeping, I sew. There again I did another S size CD. Love to see the cute little diapers.


Newborn Diaper

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I love to see tiny little diapers. Eugene is slightly smaller compared to his brother and sister, that gave me reason to make a nb diaper and I like it. It's an aio diaper with 5 layers of bamboo fleece and still the diaper look trim.

Comparison with MMK.
It look small.

Compared to Blueberry newborn diaper, it look slightly bigger.


Cute little booties...

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My 2nd attempt of booties. I like it...


A DIY Cloth Diaper

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Also did a cloth diaper for Eugene.

Too emo emo these days, so I plan a day off to relax myself. And this was wat I did. My 1st attempt... Will plan to do more.

And the action photo :


The Emotional Me

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I've been very very emotional these few weeks. Not that because of my new work load (nothing to do with it). I'm just sick with the attitude of people. I never back stab people before. I do talk bad but it's just for the sake of talking but never mean to back stab people. That is because I know how it hurts back stabbing someone. I also cried a lot of times recently. And the reason behind is just to release my tension and not to have people's attention. If some thinks that I cry just to have attention... I'm speechless. Wat I need is just a simple living life. I know some people who has better brain and better standard of living. Just do it your way then but don't hurt other people. I swear to god that I never back stab anyone before no matter how I was forced to. I just hope those who back stab me to have a good karma but or course u can always choose your own life. I still believe that good people will be blessed. I want back my HAPPY life!!!


Family Day at Wetworld.

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APM organised a family day at Shah Alam's Wetworl on last Saturday. Few of my colleagues did not go and gave me the tickets. I tag along my mum, a cousin, my sis's 2 monster, also her to maids (if not, I dunno how to jaga my sis's kids, they are hyperactive). I did not get to enjoy the water coz I need to take care Eugene. Am happy everyone enjoyed themselves.


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