NB Diapers

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Am just loving the NB diapers I'm doing. It's for sale. Pls refer to my fb for more info or you can contact me at crystallprincess@gmail.com

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Physiotherapy for Eugene

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On last Tuesday (28.06.11), I brought Eugene to Botanic's KKIA for his routine check up. They later refereed Eugene to the physiotherapy department.

The specialist then teach me a few ways to stimulate Eugene's movement which I then tell my MIL on how to massage Eugene n a few exercise to be done hourly. Just hoping that Eugene will catch up on all in not a stressful way.

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On Agong's Birthday we had a day trip to Batang Kali's waterfall and we also visited the strawberry park since both distance are only gap for 5km. The kids enjoyed playing with the water even though it's cold. I'm no fans at all with the water. I just love the scenery there.

At the Strawberry Park, Ian enjoyed plucking his own strawberries. Overall it's a 1 full tiring day. But it's so worth it looking at the kids smiling face.

Ian feeling proud of himself.

I just love the way Elise look. She's so cute. My only princess in da house.

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Testing blog

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Am testing to update my blog using hp. It's been so long since my last update. There isn't anytime for me to sit in front of the pc with a little octopus hooking to me.


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