Yesterday after changing the kids pajamas, I was on my way to put the dirty cloths in the dry pail. Not even 10 steps, I heard Eugene crying. Ok, Elise pushed him down. So I went to get him up, to my horror I saw blood on the floor which makes me panic. I then turn Eugene up n saw that his face was full with blood. I started to tremble n quickly wipe of the blood with dame hankie n saw 2 scars on his forehead. A deep which can see his flesh. Damn it, happened when daddy is not around. Quickly called daddy n he rushed home. Another scene daddy did, after looking at the scar he went to get cloth to wipe the floor. Aiyoh, daddy which is more important? Ding dong ding dong, we reached to the clinic which Eugene got the priority 1st. After examining on the injury, the doctor mentioned no stitches needed but need to glue the skin back. What a relieve. Credit to Eugene for being so calm n obedient as he was lying there letting the doctor n nurse playing with his forehead. Another sad thing was Elise not feeling guilty at all. Ish!

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