Eugene's Otolaryngology

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On last Monday I brought Eugene for his Otolaryngology appointment at the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital. It's at the new building (specialist). When we reach there, we were stucked in a long queue. I din notice there was a special lane for warga tua and for baby below 1 years old until a nurse approach me. After getting the number and waited for quite sometime and paid RM5, we head to the Otolaryngology place. I was asked to wait again at another waiting hall. I was supposed to put Eugene to sleep but he woke up when the doctor putting wires on him. It was hard to put him back to sleep after that. Leaving us with no choice, Eugene was given sleeping syrup which he only managed to sleep after 15minutes. The doctor then continue to connect wires on him and placing a headphone over Eugene's head. What I could hear from my side was 'tak tak tak tak tak' and the pc screen like life line. Dunno what was really on about the test, but the end result from the doctor was... he's all fine with no hearing problem. I'm all relieve again. A mother's worries has no end...

On last Tuesday I purposely took leave to celebrate Ian's birthday. We celebrated it twice, 1st with Ian's schoolmates and 2nd with the family members. I'm not sure if Ian knows what is birthday. In his mind it might be only candle blowing and eating cakes and kfc. Mummy the only one doing all the hard work with the little help from Elise. In the morning as we reach Ian's kindergarden, Elise was surrounded with all the little students which suddenly make Elise look like a superstar. The teacher there also couldn't get her eyes off Elise and carry her while teaching. Haha.. After that at night my mum came over with my sis's kids for 2nd celebration. Overall... the kids enjoy their time very very much.


All About Elise Lee

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Elise is now 1 year and 8 months old. Compared to Ian, she is consider a fast learner. She can understand things very well but a little slow at talking. One thing I'm proud of her is I never tends to potty or toilet train her but she is now going through toilet train all by herself. Even when she's wearing cloth diaper she'll still let us know that she wanna go toilet n will refuse to wear cd after that. I think it's time to buy a few more training pants for her. The one piece I bought for her is a little too big. Overall, I feel lucky and happy to have her as my kiddie. Below is some of the photos of her wearing training pants and wearing a dress I made for her.


A Beautiful Sunday

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Last Sunday we went for our brunch at Klang Parade. Makan sushi... The kids also enjoy. Credit to Eugene for being a good boy and sleep by himself without us noticing.

Ian taking the wasabi for me. He was curious saying it's not chilli. I told him it's spicy. But he don't believe so I took a little bit with the chopstick and placed it in Ian n Elise mouth. Both of them just gave me a stare, when I wanna give some more.. both terus shock their head.

Elise's way of eating sushi.

Some ot photos of Eugene.


A day out with Ian

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On last Saturday, I followed Ian's school trip to McDee Kitchen and Aerospace. We enjoyed the day together and Ian told me to follow again tomoro. As if the school trip is everyday, haha. It was a fantastic school trip, I can say. Ian got to fly a jet (ok... it's a pc one that look real).


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