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A AI2 cloth diaper for my best friend.

To whom that is interested, I'm selling it at the price of RM45.

I made another blue colour cd as a matching pair.

Those who is interested, I'm selling it at RM45. For your information, I only have kiddie prints (flannel).

Was thinking hard on how to do a ruffle diaper. Am happy that I got it right. This is my best diaper I've done.


A Beautiful Sunday

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This morning all 3 kids woke up early. Since I were going to visit a x-colleague gave birth to a baby girl, so we decided to go out early today. After visiting my x-colleague and her little baby girl we went to eat dim sum. We were undecided where to go. I suggested a shopping mall that we never go before. So, we headed to Empire at Subang.

Me baby wearing Eugene. Lucky thing was he already fit in the carrier.

Ian choosing on his favourite toy. Spiderman...

We then have our lunch at Kenny Rogers.

Mummy OT in the toilet. Felt exited to find mirror everywhere in the toilet.

After reaching home, I still manage to do a blankie for Ian and Elise was so keh poh to cradle Eugene to sleep.


Durian for Dinner

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We have durian for dinner on Saturday night. Ian likess it while Elise running away from it.


A day of Relieve.

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Today I need to bring Eugene for brain scanning. A scheduled appointment. I asked my mummy to accompany me in case I needs to go to the ladies. I was totally zero on how the procedure will be. The nurse gave a 5ml syringe of medicine for Eugene to drink. After I feed Eugene only I knew it was medicine to put him to sleep. When Eugene was sound asleep, we head to another room where the scan take place. It's just similar to our preggy scan. The doctor then start the scan. That was when I suddenly felt so uneasy of this scan. In my mind, all kinds of question pooping out thinking wwhat if the dr. say something bad and bla bla. After around 5-10minutes of scanning (maybe it's not that long but because of me thinking rubbish that is why I felt like it's taking forever), the dr. then looked at me.. stare at me... then continue to the screen. OMG.. this dr. is just testing my patient. He then asked another dr. to come and do the scan. That dr. just scan here a bit and there abit... and looked at me again, he then smile and told me he's ok, he's normal. Yes, I heard him right... Eugene had a big head but according to doctor, he's NORMAL. What a relief.

I actually took a day off today. So this is wat I did...

Since, I'm free at home so I decided to carry on with my long overdue project. I'm selling the blankies at RM 25 (can be used until 3 years old) and RM35 (can be used until 12 years old) As for swaddle, I'll be selling it at RM 20.

2 Swaddle for Eugene

Blankie for the kids...
OT sekejap.... The my family version of GeminiHehe... notice that Elise is wearing the same print as the blankie?


Pasta for Ian and Elise

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I've been searching high and low for the Alphabet pasta. I finally found it at Giant.

This is the one...
Some little game for the mummy to play :p
I'm glad the kids like it...
Elise ate all leaving non alphabet in the bowl.


Genting trip

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On last Saturday, we went to Genting for a 2 days 1 night stay. We stayed at Genting Resort Hotel. This was a forth time trip for Ian, 2nd trip for Elise and 1st trip for Eugene to Genting.

Some scene taken from the car to our destination.
I remember when we were small, everytime we passby this we will know that we're on our way to Genting. My mum was a strict mum, so no question to be asked when we travel.

Reaching the hotel...
The hotel is so nice. The wardrobe has 2 sliding doors, one from the room and another from the toilet. We can actually by pass from the wardrobe to the toilet. I tends to be cheeky and did some magic for Ian to see. He went like mummy can do magic!!! Wakaka.... Kids...
The kids enjoy their time they by playing all the indoor games. After the kids sleep and after informing my mum, Andy and I sneak out to have our time. I was so hungry and the only things to eat at that wee hour was only fast food. We then went to Casino after the makan. Those ppl working in casino really doesn't know how to smile. I remember telling Andy that if I would to play, I'll find a handsome guy place... like that loss also syok. hehe... We din gamble after all. Believe it or not, we were lost in the casino, couldn't find our way out. :p

How the room looks like before checking out.The next day, we had our lunch at :After our brunch, we went for a little window shopping at First World with some photos taken. Yah, we also went there with 2 of my bestfriend (schoolmates).

Time to go home le... Some photos again from in the car. :p
There goes our trip. I can't wait for my next trip.


Do It Youself.

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Some DIY from me. The panty liner, I'll be selling it at RM10.


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