My Look at 50 years old

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Found this in one of my friends facebook and I try it myself. The look of me when I'm 50 years old.

I'm not scared of old after all since I still look great. Any mat salleh feel?... Hehe...


DIY during confinement.

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On the 1st month of the confinement, I spent all of my time surfing the net to see everything. DIY caught my eyes. So, in the 2nd month... I did a lot of DIY with my mini sewing machine I got for my birthday. These is what I did.

Towel hood for the kids. I just added the top to cover their head. It's really much more convenient in that way. And see how my kids like it.

Cloth pad for myself.

Some simple cloth diapers for Eugene.

Baby wrap. This is very useful to a mummy like me with 3 kids. And last but not least, a matching cloth wipe to go with.



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Wondering my meaning of octopus? I'm having an octopus right now with me. Elise is so sticky to me these 2 days. Couldn't let go off her at all. Even when she oredi sleep on me, I tried to move her to the mattress but then she will start crying. I'll need to carry her again. In the other hand, Ian wants tapping for him to drift on to his nap. Aaaarrgghhh... somebody, help me pls. I pray to god for Eugene to have his good nap in the rocker. Now this is wat I call peaceful.

3 Musketeers are sound asleep.

Bored... Bored... Bored... I'm suppose to start work tomoro. But my kids nanny (my MIL) need to do 100 days prayer for her recent loss of her mother. And since Friday is a Public Holiday, I don't wanna start work on Thursday then days off. So, I extend another 2 days leave. Should I feel happy or should I feel sad to return to work? I dunno... When I'm at home, I feel like working and vise versa. But when I start work, then I'll have less time with my kids. Hehe... Just can't have everything at the same time. Conclusion, I'm starting work on next Monday on 31st May 2010. Cheer up, it's back to work days!


Baby Wrap

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I am now crazy over baby wrap. I bought a fabric from Nagoya, hope that it can be used as a wrap. The pinkish one is flannel, I couldn't resist of buying even though I still have plenty of stock.


New to Blogging...

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This will be my 1st posting to the opening to my blog. I just feel like blogging after seeing people doing their own blogging. I do blog at Friendster way back last year. I do hope that I'll be more rajin to update my blog from time to time in the future.


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