Elise loves to carry Ian's school bag which is too heavy and big size for her. Since today I took leave, this is wat I did for her. Hope she'll like it. Action photos will be added on later.


A fitted nb cloth diaper

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I received a fitted newborn cloth diaper from a dearest friend. Thank Lisa. The diaper really look cute in Eugene. It fits very well and I just love the fluffiness of the diapers. I think I must not be lazy anymore and start doing more cd.

I've been thinking for long if I shall open an estore business... As I'm not sure if I would be able to fulfill my customer needs. At last I took a step further to try my luck out. Still not so sure if I want to use blogspot, lot.my or facebook. So I used facebook for a start.

Yes, so this is what my estore name is.

This nickname has been following me a long time, so I guess when ppeople see this name they will sure know it's me.

This is some other stuffs I have made.


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