This was the worst CNY for me. Still trauma until now. Blame it to hubby for his carelessness. This was wat happened.

We just came home from a friend visit. Someone's car parked at our house making us parking our car not in a proper way. When we entered the house, that car made a move. Ian followed me to the kitchen, Eugene was also behind me. Elise was sleeping on the living room floor. Then I suddenly hear gate being opened n I assume my hubby is going to moved the car n parked properly. I was looking in the living room n couldn't spot Eugene. I was shouting away asking hubby notto drive the car, he did not hear me and reverse. At that moment I heard cries. When I rushed out I saw Eugene underneath the car. I was screaming like hell asking hubby to drive front. When I picked up Eugene, I was oredi like half dead trembling all over. Another second I saw that all my neighbor was surrounding us. Ok, that means I shouted real loud.

Till now I still hate my hubby for not locking the gate after him. I know he doesn't want this to happen but it happened also because of his carelessness. So I'm not guilty for hating him.

I'm having a bad bad trauma now. The scene of Eugene underneath the car keep on playing in my mind.

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